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Wind Dragons and Eerits

Elaine Williams has created a wonderful world, based on the Isle of Tiree where she lives, peopled by Eerits and Wind Dragons. She has written 2 books about the arrival of the wind dragons on the island and 1 about their counterparts the sea dragons. The mixture of myth and ecology will keep children of all ages entranced.

If you like fantasy, or have a child who likes fantasy, then these books are a must to read. Elaines delightful drawings bring the world to life.

The first, The Guardians, tells how the two eggs come to Tiree and how their guardians are chosen. The pen and ink drawings are lovely.

Copyright Elaine.M.Williams 1998©

The second, The Birthing, is about the eggs hatching and the escapades of Brock and Salum once hatched. The pictures here are in colour and are brilliant. My favourite is of Salum with Elder Eerit.

Elder Eerit with newly hatched Salum
Copyright Elaine.M.Williams 1998©

The Seerits is a tale of the evil Calpach kidnapping a sea dragon egg in the hope that they can become its guardian. The hunt, rescue and the consequences will keep you rivetted.

Each book can be personalised as a special gift that will always be remembered. Colouring books, notepaper and cards are also available.

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Elaine Williams books

Elaine Williams books
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