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To visit Pam Massey's page press the brown dragon button. She likes experimenting with video grabbing and digital cameras and has good pictures of both the Kettering and Wakefield ZetMeets. Her holiday pages are both very extensive and extremely comprehensive. If you like holidays, particularly cruising, or just want to see foreign shores and ships, then this is the site to go to.
Elaine.M.Williams 1998©

Japanese gardens have always been admired for their timeless beauty.

They are not just beautiful but tranquil and elegant.

The Japanese garden attempts to reproduce natural scenic beauty in a very intense way. The very essence of natures landscape is condensed and recreated in a subtle, elegant and sophisticated manner, often in a limited space.

Herons is something special :)

Herons 2003© Herons Japanese Gardens
If you like to see beautifully iced cakes then you really should go and visit Beryl Harwoods page. This button shows only the top layer.
If you need a special cake, and are within reach of Cheshire, why not get in touch with Beryl.
Press the cake button to see more.


Beryl Harwood
Beryl Harwood 1997©

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is mainly used for people with Multiple Sclerosis. It delivers pure oxygen while you sit in a pressurised tank.The West Yorkshire Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre at Rawdon has 2 tanks and offers other services too. If you live in a different area then follow links to find where the nearest centre is.

This is also a brilliant treatment for other conditions. It helps the muscle pains associated with ME/CFS and helps injuries heal faster.

Traction Kiting is the latest wind sport to hit the UK - TractionKiting.co.uk is dedicated to promoting the sport in Scotland.

If you haven't already been to see Elaines pages then now is the time to go and visit.

The green dragon (his name is Salum) on the right will take you directly to her page. The Eerits link on the left will take you to my page on her work.


Elaine Williams 1998©

If you want to see the most beautiful photographs of Tiree and the Scottish Highlands then you really must visit Gavin Shaws page.


Gavin Shaw 2000©

At last Edward Sparkes 'Mumblings' have made it on to a web page. Those of us who have enjoyed hearing about his experiences as a pilot in WW2 have been asking for them to be collected and made available for everyone to see for a long time.

They have finally made it, with some help from Pam Massey.

Sadly Edward died in 2005 but his mumbles live on.


Edward Sparkes

Tim Lloyd doesn't have a home page. He is too busy technology hunting.


BCPals is a good site if you are a woman with breast cancer and want to talk to others in the same position. Women at high genetic risk of breast cancer will also find it useful
The BCPals breast cancer forums can be a lifeline

BCPals Forums
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