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The Runcorn Zetmeet

On the 18th April, 1998 the Runcorn Zetmeet was held at the Travel Inn at Preston Brook, near Runcorn. Here are the photographs that I took at the meet. All of them are from the beginning of the meet before anyone went for dinner and while the 'first sitting' were eating. By the time that we returned from the 'second sitting' the room was so full of people that I admitted defeat and didn't even try to take any more photographs.
Dave Gorski with Edward Sparkes



Stephanie Alexander, Edward Sparkes, Dave Gorski, Jennifer Sparkes, Beryl Harwood

Jennifer Sparkes and Beryl Harwood



In the foreground : Stephanie Alexander, Edward Sparkes, Dave Gorski
In the background : Greg Smith [standing], Tim Lloyd [above Stephanies head] and Dan Searle [in red shirt]
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