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The Runcorn Zetmeet - Page 3

The teens again:
Tim Lloyd, Stephanie Alexander and Ian Molton



Tim Lloyd [Tiz to those of us who use IRC] had his 18th birthday the day after the meet so Beryl Harwood made a birthday cake for him.

Tiz doing the honours with his birthday cake :)


Those of us still waiting to eat were getting hungry and starting to seriously read the menus.
Foreground: Elaine Jones, Chris Norton, Tim Lloyd, Stephanie Alexander, Ian Molton
  Background: Jed Smith (guest); Paul Simonite; Steve W; Angela Rawcliffe (guest, in brown); Julie Catterall;
  Further back still: Ann Wolstenholme and not sure about the others - any offers?

All the teens visible at once - even chuma
  Tim Lloyd, Stephanie Alexander, Ian Molton, Si Wellings, Dan Searle


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