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Runcorn II - The Revenge

On the 10th April, 1999 the second Runcorn Zetmeet was held at the Travel Inn at Preston Brook, near Runcorn. For some reason this meet has always been referred to as 'The Revenge' but no one has ever explained who was taking their revenge or in fact what revenge was required for. Although less people attended, there were still 2 full sittings for dinner and the slight reduction in numbers meant that it was easier to talk to people.

Anna, ? , John Colloff, Steve Wolstenholme, Beryl Harwood, Ann Wolstenholme



Anna, Steve, Ann, Mollie Jackson, ?, Beryl Harwood

Mollie, Duncan Rose, Trev Hartley, Chris Haley



Sue Haley and Kate Mottram
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