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Runcorn 2001

The 21st April, 2001 was the occasion of the fourth Runcorn Zetmeet

More people than last year, I think, but less than the first, very crowded, meet. Two sittings for dinner as usual and once again the most interesting people ate early :)

This year I have to thank Aidan for taking the photographs for me although I hope that next time he uses the flash more and so makes life easier in preparing them for the web.....

Stephanie Alexander and Edward Sparkes

  Stephanie and Edward


Rod Wakefield, Dave Jackson and John Colloff

Jennifer Sparkes, Rod, Dave and John



Clair Barrass, Beryl Harwood and Sue Haley

Sue and Kenneth Helliwell



Neil Briscoe

Malcolm and Mary Fisher, Rod



This years cake - Thanks Beryl it was as delicious as usual:)
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