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Search Engines


About.com StreetMap.co.uk search by post-code or other means
BT Directory Enquiries
AltaVista Post Code Lookup
Ask Jeeves InfoSpace UK People finder
Dogpile dreadful name but good multi-engine searches Multimap - uk map
Direct Hit Tucows British mirror - software
FAST Search: All the Web, All the Time


Google Software - Tucows
GoTo.com The Universal Currency Converter
Ixquick -A good multiple search engine


Looksmart BBC Online
Lycos ITV Online
MonkeySweat - Another strange name but good results Channel 5
Northern Light Search Telextext
Scientific Searches  
Slider - Search Engine, Encyclopedia and File Search  
SearchHippo Web Search


Thunderstone Home Page Electronic Telegraph
WebCrawler Financial Times
Yahoo! The Sunday Times
Yahoo! UK & Ireland The Times
Zetnet Search multiple searches from the one page Yorkshire Evening Post
FTP search v3.3


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