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Wakefield Zetmeet

I thought that you might like to see some photographs I took at the Zetmeet that was held in Wakefield on the 11th October, 1997.

The meet was held at the Holmfield Arms Beefeater and was attended by 28 people.

Elaine, Glyn, Taz, Callum & Aaran Williams
Kate Mottram
Pam Massey
Carole Tasker with Laurence and Richard
Chris Norton
Si Wellings
Sue and Stephanie Alexander
Steve, Ann and Michelle Wolstenholme
Malcolm Briggs and Kerry
Beryl Harwood
Tony Walker
Chris Shaw
John Shaw
Alan and Julia Atkinson
Dave Gorski
Ally Onion

The Williams crew decided to leave the Isle of Tiree to holiday in Yorkshire so we had to have a meet for them to meet all the people they have been chatting to on #zetnet for the previous year.

It was also particularly nice to meet Dave Gorski from Zetnet for the first time.  It was a shame that he had to race back to Manchester to look after all the equipment there.  We did try telling him that the rest of you didn't matter since it was bound to be a quiet night in our absence  :))

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 Before Dinner
 More Diners :)
 After Dinner
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     Before Dinner
     More Diners :)
     After Dinner
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